What does it take to launch a business, become an expert, or get promoted? Let me show you the 3 most overlooked skills to crush the competition

Introducing the Top Performer Package

I want to tell you about some of the most talented entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.

No, I’m not talking about the big Internet marketing gurus. I’m not talking about our Earnable students. (Who’ve created six- and seven-figure businesses with our help.)

I’m talking about the IWT team.

Over the years, we’ve transitioned from a one-man shop to a full team of world-class designers, copywriters, product developers, engineers, support staff, and project managers.

Everyone who works here is a top performer.

But here’s what I didn’t know until our recent meet-up.

Many of our best employees (the ones who earn 25% raises, get promoted, or execute our biggest projects) also have amazing side hustles.

An informal poll in our Slack channel

All while doing top-notch work here at IWT.

At first, I wasn’t surprised. We hire talented people with tons of ambition. But was that it? What else did they have in common?

I asked around (and I could write a whole blog series about what people told me) but here’s the most interesting thing I discovered.

Over 75% of them took the same 3 IWT courses. On their own time. Without being asked.

Now, for the first time ever, I’ve bundled them into one place — Top Performer Package — so you can get your projects off the ground with the same material our team uses.

Course 1: Finisher's Formula

Do you ever wonder how the most successful people get so much done?

Ever notice how with some people, when, “I’m going to…”

  • Lose weight
  • Write a book
  • Quit smoking, etc.

You know they’ll actually do it?

But when you set the same goals, you’re not so sure. Maybe you will do it. Maybe not.

Each time you try, it's a yo-yo. You start, hit a roadblock, lose motivation, then beat yourself up for not finishing.

And the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again.

It’s frustrating and discouraging. Worst of all, you're not doing the things you really want to accomplish.

The truth is, you’re more than capable of achieving every goal you set. But if you really want to accomplish the goals you set, you need a better strategy for getting things done.

A proven system that helps you stick to — and finish — everything you start.

That’s exactly what I have for you in Finisher’s Formula — my course on overcoming procrastination, anxiety, and learning the strategies to go from "lazy" to getting things done.

40lbs later

Guarantee success in everything you do — from this moment forward

Ten years ago, I was a scrawny 127 lbs college student. I thought I could never put on muscle because I’m just a skinny Indian. I spent years wishing I could, without doing anything about it.

You know what changed?

I got tired of looking around, watching other people get fit, and feeling left behind. I finally said ENOUGH! and did something about it.

I invested in a trainer, started eating better, and made working out a habit. I built a system that virtually guaranteed my success.

Since then, I’ve put on more than 40 lbs of muscle, which feels amazing. And it’s crazy to think about how far I’ve come.

I’ve used these same habit-building techniques to earn more money, grow my business, and live a Rich Life.

I stopped dreaming and started accomplishing.

Now I want you to experience this radical shift in your life — no matter how many times you might have struggled to stick to your goals in the past.

How many times have you said to yourself:

  • I’m going to start working out 5x a week
  • I’m going to start drinking 8 glasses of water a day
  • I’m going to floss every morning and night

And how many times have you followed through on those goals?

If your answer is “not often enough,” don’t worry.

It’s not your fault. And with the systems, frameworks, and strategies I’ve distilled over the past decade, you can learn how to make your habits stick for life.

Once you know how to do this, you virtually guarantee success in everything you do — from this moment forward.

I want you to have access to this same material. And now you can.

START achieving all your goals today

Finisher's Formula is a 10-day, online, HD video course that gives you the tools and mindset shifts you need to quit being lazy, unmotivated, distracted, and unable to finish anything…and START achieving your goals.

This course isn't just about productivity, weight loss, or skill building.

Instead, it goes much deeper into developing the habits and systems to guarantee success from this day forward.

Inside the Finisher's Formula program, you'll discover…

  • The truth about why we don't follow through on our goals — even when we have all the desire and information in the world. (If you just needed more information, you'd have already done it! Hint: It's not about more information.)
  • How I built mental toughness and the ability to say "no" without feeling guilty.
  • How to pick up any habit, learn any skill, or pursue ambitious projects — and know you'll follow through.
  • How to channel your inner fears and emotions productively so that they don't stall you from hitting your goals.
  • The key differences and surprising similarities between finishers and non-finishers.
  • A simple framework to systematically build good habits (and effortlessly replace bad habits with productive ones).
  • How to develop a "Craftsman's Mindset" and really dig deep into complicated work like writing or programming.
  • When to persist and when to quit working on a project — never be left wondering, "is this thing even working?"
  • The right way to leverage accountability so that you keep making progress towards achieving your goals…even when you're feeling lazy or unmotivated.
  • And much more…

How I've helped other students become



"For the longest time, I've wanted to be an author…And thanks to your encouragement, I finished a book, on deployment, (with less than 4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period on average) and a freelance editor I hired is now editing it. I am going to take it to a book conference in January and shop it around to agents."



“I arrived in New Zealand 3 years ago with nothing. In that time, using the information from the Finisher's Formula, I have built up a 6 figure income in less than a year from my job and stuff on the side.

I have just negotiated a 10% increase in pay from my current job. Plus, I'm also being head hunted by our competition.”

Course 2: Success Triggers

Beyond tactics: Deep mental frameworks to power your success

Making an impact takes more than productivity tools

Do you ever look at extraordinary achievers and wonder, “How do they do it?”

It’s easy to think they’re naturally gifted or some type of genetic mutant.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. Yes, the guy was a fitness legend and had great genes.

But there are thousands of people that have access to a gym, even better genetics, and even more time than him that struggle to manage their weight — for years.

While we like to pretend it’s luck or magic or fate that cause people like Arnold to find huge success, that’s just not true.

Top performers have gone beyond mere tactics. They’ve mastered the psychology of success.

And now I’d like to encourage YOU to go deeper — to master YOUR psychology.

A powerful system to get unstuck and conquer any challenge you have

Here's the truth: You could have all of the luck, connections, and funding in the world, and it still would be pointless if you don't tackle your psychological barriers.

For example…

Finding your passion

Take the guy who says he wants to find a job that lets him follow his passion. He browses blogs, complains to his friends, and wishes he knew what his passion was.

But if you dig deeper, he's been talking about wanting to work at Google for 3 years, but he's never applied.

So there he sits, toiling away at his 9-5 job, missing out on opportunities, happiness, and money — all because he couldn't conquer his internal fear that he wasn't qualified enough. The job was staring him in the face, but his invisible scripts held him back.


We tell ourselves we're too busy to start a business, learn to cook, or start dressing better.

"If I just had more hours in the day..."

Our next step?

We search around for the latest productivity app! Do you really think the reason some people are 10x more productive than others is because they've discovered some special app for their iPhone?

Of course not.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day. Productivity is not about apps or tactics, or you would have already done it. It's about conquering your psychological barriers around time management.


Have you ever planned a first date?

We obsess over what we're going to wear, endlessly research restaurant options, and every other bit of minutiae. Then, we see our date and realize…we have no idea what to say. The negative self-talk starts before we even open our mouths — before we even set foot in the restaurant!

That's why I created these 30 Success Triggers

These are the best of the best "mental frameworks" I've used in my personal and professional life.

These mindsets didn't come easy.

To discover these frameworks, I spent years studying top performers from over 20 industries: CEOs, Olympians, authors, models, actors, magicians, and Hollywood writers.

I studied these frameworks. I tested them all myself. And I slowly winnowed them down to the best, most impactful 30 frameworks of all.

The course is designed to help you take action — and actually rewire your inner psychology

Here's some of what we'll cover:

Your Career

  • How to unlock hidden opportunities that 99% of people are blind to. (Trigger #7)
  • How to learn any new skill faster (Trigger #9)
  • How to deflect almost any "no" before it happens — and prime a “yes” before you even ask for what you want (Trigger #10)

Your Systems

  • The way to find out the best, most effective, most efficient way to approach anything (Trigger #14)
  • How to know when to think, when to act, and when to quit (Trigger #17)
  • How to automatically know what books to read that will take you to the next level (Trigger #18)

Your Rich Life

  • What to do once you become successful to ensure you stay that way (Trigger #25)
  • How to always have work-life balance (Trigger #26)
  • How to eliminate guilt about what you should do or what you haven't done (Trigger #30)

Just ONE of these insights could radically change the way you look at the world. In this course, you'll get 30 of my very best Success Triggers.

This isn't just about "more information." You KNOW what you should do. But there's more to taking action than learning yet another tactic.

If you ALREADY know what you should be doing...and you're STILL not doing it...are you ready to confront your own inner psychology?

Is waiting another 3 months really going to change anything? If you're brutally honest with yourself, didn't you say that 6 months ago? A year? 5 years ago?

What will another few months really change?

If not now, when?

Course 3: 50 Proven Email Scripts

Get full access to my "private vault" of proven, word-for-word email scripts

How many emails do we send every year?


But what do we do? We simply write what we think. That's like walking into an interview and simply "answering their questions." If that's your plan, you've already lost.

TOP PERFORMERS KNOW THAT 80% OF THE WORK IN AN INTERVIEW IS DONE BEFORE YOU EVER SET FOOT IN THE ROOM. The same is true of email: 80% of the work is done before you ever write the first sentence.

But nobody teaches us this! They give advice like "write short emails — nobody wants to read long emails." (Which, by the way, is not true. I've generated literally millions of dollars writing long emails.)

And honestly, how many of us just write whatever email we want, then complain when people don't respond?

How to reach the unreachable, get the ungettable, and send the perfect message…every time

For the first time, I'm opening up my private vault to show you the actual emails I've sent and received that have made winning impacts.

But not just the emails. I want to share my personal feedback on WHY these emails work. In fact, I'll share my actual analysis for every email, showing you where the email works and where it fails. You'll also get inside techniques I've never revealed publicly — ones I developed myself and tested with millions of emails.

There is no other way to access this material. You cannot hire me to write emails for you, even at my hourly rate of $3,000/hour (not a typo). I only write emails for myself.

But you CAN get access to the actual psychology of how I developed my emails over years and years of testing. Then you can see the word-for-word emails, including my analysis of each one.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Use my years of testing to copy and paste these emails — and watch the results roll in.

Don't ever feel "stuck" at not knowing what to write. You'll get actual scripts that help you build instant rapport, but also get down to business — all respectfully and ethically.

And don't worry about your emails being ignored. Since these subject lines have been tested, you'll be confident your email will be seen AND responded to.

Inside 50 Proven Email Scripts, you'll discover:

  • How to set up phone calls with "higher-status" people so they make time in their busy schedule to talk to you. (Page 49)
  • Impress an interviewer before you walk in the room with this simple script for confirming a meeting. (Page 53)
  • Why you MUST email a busy person before you send them something unexpected (like an invitation to an online app) — and how to make them look forward to the invite. (Page 55)
  • How to get VIPs to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with you and answer your questions. (Page 57)
  • Want to connect with a VIP who doesn't know you exist? Reach the unreachable by asking one of your mutual contacts to introduce you. (Page 63)
  • How to get a VIP to respond to you — THE SAME DAY. (Page 70)
  • Don't you hate it when you ask several questions in an email and the person only answers one? It drives me nuts. That's why I tested and refined this script to get multiple questions answered in an email. (Page 67)
  • How do you ask someone to be a reference for you if you haven't spoken in a while, even years? Not a problem with my killer reference request email. (Page 71)
  • Get your foot in the door at a top company with this proven script for landing a competitive internship. (This is a two-page master class in positioning, even if you're not looking for an internship.) (Page 86)
  • How do you keep a relationship warm after the initial meeting? With the Closing the Loop Technique. I've personally used this technique (and these scripts) to build lasting relationships with VIPs, land jobs, and secure national press. The three scripts in the Closing the Loop Technique are quite possibly the most powerful scripts in this ebook and worth the price alone. (Page 90)
  • Don't let gatekeepers keep you from connecting with VIPs. Use my script for emailing a busy person's assistant so he goes out of his way to get your message to the VIP. (Page 95)
  • How do you reconnect with an old contact that's gone cold? Learn how to remind them of your connection and use the wide/narrow technique to ensure you reconnect. (Page 103)
  • How to ask your boss for vacation time so he's happy to sign off on the request. (Page 115)
  • Email is a terrible time suck if you're not 100% clear and strategic about your messages. You can easily save HOURS a month with my scripts for reducing back-and-forth emails. (Page 131)
  • Save even more time by declining meetings (without burning any bridges). (Page 139)
  • And lots more!

Finally, thanks to the years of testing this material, I'm so confident that I'm going above and beyond to provide this guarantee.

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:
Try Top Performer Package for an entire 60 days, 100% risk-free


If these courses don't make your boss notice you, get you cooler projects to work on, or land you a raise in your next performance review, I don’t want your money.

I’ve personally used the techniques in these 3 courses to change the course of my career. And my team has, too. Now I’m revealing these systems, secrets, and done-for-you scripts for a fraction of what it cost me to discover them, so you can succeed faster.

The only catch? You need to act now. If you want to arm yourself with the same psychological tools and mindsets my top team members used to get promoted and skyrocket their careers, now is your chance.

Yes, I want Top Performer Package so I can reach unreachable people and meet influential friends to hit my goals even faster.

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